Litescape LWD-2400 Architectural Dimming System

Acting as a stand-alone unit or interfacing with any DMX console, the Litescape 12 x 20A LWD-2400 wall-mount dimmer will bring the beauty of the stage to any architectural lighting application. Any scene can be triggered from an assortment of Litescape houselight wall panels. This architectural system combines the unsurpassed reliability of Leprecon dimming and the ease of use of Leprecon control products, allowing any architect, lighting designer or system integrator to “Litescape” their environment.

The LWD Dimmer features:
* 12 channel x 2400 Watt (20A per channel)
* 120/208V 60 Hz Main Supply
* Convection cooled 100% Duty Cycle
-- Quiet operation, continuous use at capacity
* Wall-Mount
-- Space saving
* DMX-512 Programmable
-- Program using any DMX console
* Selectable Dimmer Curve
-- Utilizes assorted fixture types
*100 Programmable / Linkable Scenes
-- Create dramatic looks
* Single Phase / Three Phase
-- Meets any power requirement
* Time of Day Cue Triggering
-- Activates scenes by time of day

Recommended Control Cable: Cat5 (Belden 1592A)

Dimensions: Height, Width Depth in inches - 26.5 x 24.00 x 6.00

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Litescape LWD-2400  Architectural Dimming System

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