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PX723 Keyboard 8

PX723 is a dedicated keypad for cooperation with the controllers PX710 / PX710+ and PX340 / PX340+.
It is possible to create the system of additional inputs for the controllers PX710 / PX710+ and PX340 /
PX340+, which include the devices PX723 and PX734.
PX723 expands the system by 8 digital inputs in the from of touch buttons and PX734 expands it by one
analogue input and one digital input (the movement sensor and the analogue light sensor). Both devices
are connected to the PX340 / PX710 controllers with a connector, which is the Keyboard Hub PX725. In the
PX710+ and PX340+ controllers, the additional Keyboard Hub PX725 device is not required.
Each button of PX723 has a LED indicator with adjustable brightness. Its state is controlled by
the controller, and the configuration is carried out with the use of the program PxDesigner (available
for free download on producer’s website). Moreover, pressing the button can be signaled with the short
acoustic signal.
It is possible to connect 64 devices (max. 32 per one line) and they should be connected in series.
The front panel is made with tempered glass, and the housing of PX723 enables an easy assembly
in the standard double electrical box.

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