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Buzzing Noise From Dimmer LD 360

Bulletin Number: 164
Released By: Don Stauffer
Product Family: LD-360
Date: 9/11/2015
Classification: Advisory

Although the LD-360 dimmer family is no longer in production, many of these dimmers are still in use. Like any electronic dimmer, the LD-360 does create some mechanical noise, which can sometimes be heard when the dimmer is in use.

There are several factors that contribute to this noise from the dimmer:

  1. The buzz will be most apparent when the dimmer level is set around 50%.
  2. Dimmers with higher load will create more noise than dimmers with lower load. 3) Some variation unit to unit is possible.
  3. Some of the buzzing noise is created by an inductive filter inside the dimmer. The magnetic stress on the component creates mechanical noise. Some inductors are noiser than others.

Since the noise from the dimmer is very subjective, dependent on the application, and difficult to measure, we do not have a standard or threshold for acceptable performance.

Upon request, we can change inductors in the LD dimmer, but the results cannot be guaranteed to meet specific requirements. If dimmer noise is a problem, reducing the lamp load on the dimmer or moving the location of the dimmer might be the best solution.

The newer ULD series has replaced the LD series, and changes in the inductor design generally result in quieter operation.

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