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ULD Replacement Breakers

Bulletin Number: 150
Released By: Don Stauffer
Product Family: ULD 360 DIMMER
Date: 4/26/2007
Classification: Advisory

Leprecon ULD dimmers are available with two types of line cords and breaker sets.

The standard parallel blade 15 amp cordset models use 15 amp breakers, and are ETL Listed. The 20 amp 5-20 'Tee blade' models use 20 amp breakers, and ARE NOT ETL listed.

The correct breakers are:

15 amp Listed models: 60-06-0022
20 amp models: 60-06-0019

Using the wrong breaker in any Listed model constitutes unauthorized modification, and will VOID the ETL Listing. If 20 amp breakers are installed in 15 amp packs without removing the ETL sticker, the user is mis-representing the actual Listing status of the product.

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