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PX340+ DMX Controller

The PX340+ DMX Controller is an advanced architectural lighting controller that allows for controlling even the most complex lighting systems. With programmable functions, the device enables the control of lighting, multimedia, and other devices that are operated based on the DMX protocol.
The controller has 1 DMX output line (512 channels), 1 DMX input line, and it allows for triggering multiple configuration items at the same time. Events can be triggered by an astronomical clock, a real time clock, programmed timers, analogue or digital inputs, mobile device applications or via the Modbus protocol.
An advanced PC application PxDesigner (Windows ® ) allows for programming the device. The application has a built-in library of devices that can be distributed on a graphic project, which facilitates the creation of complex light shows, including ones that are synchronized with sound.

The PX340+ has a screen and buttons, so user can read the basic operating parameters. Thanks to the additional BUS1 and BUS2 buses, the device can be extended with additional PX723 Keyboard 8, PX734 Light & Movement Sensor and PX778 Extension module 8ch modules. Two independent buses can be connected in series with max. 32 modules each (max. 64 modules in total).
The controller comes with an application for mobile devices (Android™, iOS) which enables simple control.

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